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Do you want to be a professional cyclist?

Active Biker has been stabilized in 1982 by Georgi and Kristian having first MTB training in Istanbul and this company is one of the best Istanbul based company which was started with the experienced MTB trainer.

We are not just a mountain biking company; we are also a group or community of riders, outdoor enthusiasts, who share a love for the rugged trails, joining the event and dreaming to visit the world on the two wheels. Our mission is to make the mountain biking beyond the sports because it’s not just a sport; it’s a passion that allows you to connect with the nature as well as the world. It’s an interesting adventure sport that will be beneficial for your health because it’s one of the best exercises also.

Presently, we are giving MTB riding training at a few countries and in the upcoming days, we will expand and will give training almost in all the most popular countries

Our dedicated team of expert rider is here to support as well as inspiring you. We will be with you more than a guide and we know the trails very well so would like to share our knowledge and experience with you.

So, whenever you would like to ride, ready to ride and want to create unforgettable memories with Active biker, Book or Join our team for a great next level MTB experience.

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