Trail Riding

Mountain Bike Trail Riding is not a simple riding on road, it involves very rough roads, or we can say off-road.

If you are doing trail riding, then you should know how to balance yourself and start it carefully otherwise you might be injured.

MTB Trail Riding is very dangerous & risky for beginner but not much easier or safer for the expert, as we are on rough trail so you should get help from MTB expert, it’s very important to get the best training before starting the Mountain Bike Riding.

At the MTB trail riding training, we will give you clear vision about all the tips which you should know before start riding and a few of them which is related to Mountain bike trail is as follows:

- Start riding with single-track session

- Know about trails

- Start riding on easy trails

- Start riding on short distance trail

- Start participating on events to know the competition and check your strength.

Our expert will provide you the best training and we are sure, you will more confident and start to ride soon just after getting the MTB riding training session as you will be more interested.

It is advisable for beginners they should ride bicycle according to height, weight as well as select the short trail on which riding will be easier so that chances of risk will be minimal.


There are 2 types of trails -

Easy Trail

- Range start from 2-5 miles approximate

- It can be very faster

- No tricky sections

- Do not use full suspension

Hard Trail

- Range is greater than 5 miles

- Can’t go fast & maintain the speed

- A lot of tricky sections

- We must use full suspension

- There is frequent compression

- Pedalling efficiency decreases

So, if you are planning for riding, we can help to find the best suitable mountain bike riding trails for you as per your strength, height and weight and comfort time zone.

Explore the most popular off-road riding trails with Active Biker’s top experts.